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Marlston Hill Real Estate:- Marlston Hill, is located in the Northern most tip of the Bunbury CBD and established by Landcorp in 2001. The redevelopment of the commercial area cost over $20 million dollars and won many awards for Urban renewal excellence.

Marlston Hill is regarded as one of Bunbury's premier subdivisions. Marlston Hill offers a unique lifestlye and is home to some of Bunbury's premier real estate, being a quality mix of permanent residential, commercial and short stay accommodation and is home to Bunbury's most expensive property!

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Marlston Hill median price The median house price in Marlston Hill is around $610,000.
Premium Properties Marlston Hill is home to some of Bunbury exclusive waterfront properties. Many have views over the Indian ocean & Koombana Bay.
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Marlston Hill is located in Bunbury, Western Australia 6230 and is a great place to live. It offers a combination of inner city living, yet only a few minutes walk to the Indian ocean, Koombana Bay and the Bunbury Dolphins.
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Marlston Waterfront: This was created by Lancorp by reclaiming some of Koombana Bay. The area was zoned for 3 storey development and contains high quality apartments and Town houses. These are typically 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom units. Currently they start from around $490,000 mark.

Silos Development: This development on the Marlston Waterfront was created around the old Bunbury Silos. The Silos were refitted to become luxury apartments with a built in swimming pool and recreation areas. The development includes some commercial properties on the ground floors. The Silos are the only high rise development allowed in Marlston Hill, as they were constructed prior to planning regulations. The top floor apartments have extensive views over Marlston Hill, Bunbury CBD and Koombana Bay and is undoubtedly some of Bunbury's Premium pieces of real estate. Units / Town houses currently start around the $600,000 mark to well over a $1,000,000! for the top Apartments.

Marlston Waterfront Stage 2: Work is about to begin on Stage 2, with the area by Leschenault Inlet and the Marina about to start development. The aim is to turn Marlston Hill and the Waterfront into a world class development. It is referred to as Koombana North Stage 1 and Marlston North Stage 1.
Marlston North: The indicative development plan shows a focus on the area at the start of the Old Jetty access road and will involve some reclaimation of the ocean. This part will be zoned 'Mixed use' and cater for some commercial ground floor with residential above. Work has now begun on Koombana North area and the next stage is known as Marlston South, starting at the base of the old Jetty Road..

Marston Hill Update November 2013:
The developers, Landcorp, have created the largest lot in the Marlston area, over 1,150 sqm and are calling for developers to design a 'Waterfront signature' building for an entry statement into Bunbury. This would allow a building of up to 6 stories to be built overlooking Koombana bay, with a mix of commercial, retail and hospitality uses. The WA State Government has allocated $20.3 million for the development of Koombana North and Marlston North.

View the Proposed Marlston Hill Concept plan.

View the Marlston Hill Indicative Development Plan
Marlston Hill Real Estate Bunbury.

Median House price for Marlston Hill, Bunbury:
One of the problems with ascertaining the median house price for Bunbury, is the up market area of Marlston Hill. Here, property values often double the average property price in Bunbury, The area known as Marlston Hill really needs it own median guide. as most of the property values start above the Bunbury one, with some going up to 2 million dollars! Currently listings in Marlston Hill is one for $2.29 million on Casuarina Drive, and another with 'offers over $2 million', also on the same street.

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